HERTZ Stock is now showing on my trades

Why I don’t see anymore my Hertz trading and stock holding on my trading area ?

How is it possible it disappeared?

Please let me know

I have got it same. How is this possible?

Troubled Hertz delisted by New York Stock Exchange as it fights for survival

Mean I lost my money?

At least must give us the chance to exchange at last price

Hertz has been removed from the New York Stock Exchange.
Hertz announced bankruptcy 6 months ago. You’ve lost your money. You had a long time to move it. Nothing can be done by anyone now.

Got the following answer from Revolut:
“If a stock delists and now trades OTC, we will make the OTC instrument available to you to sell your full position. There will be no market data within the app and as such, the estimated share price is set to $0.01. The execution price will vary in line with the market and as such will differ greatly from the estimated price. Once we receive an instruction from you to sell, we aim to have the trade executed within 2 working days.”

Now I can see Hertz shares in my Revolut portfolio showing the value 0.01 USD per share and with the same message as you’ve posted here.

To those who have Hertz shares, are you going to sell them or keep them?

Hertz Global Holdings, Inc. (HTZGQ)---------0,8801 USD

I have the same message but I do not have the possibility to sell on the app.
Someone managed to do so?

I have the same issue here.

Hi everyone, I’m sorry but I can’t find a way to create a new topic.
I live in New Caledonia (French island) and I can’t trade on Revolut !
My account is approved but when I click on the “trading button”, I can only see “cryptocurrency” and “raw materials”. I can’t find the “stocks” button.
Could you please help me?