Help now!


I asked to change my number and then the person in support said that she changed it and asked me to log off and then log on again. So I did. And now I cant access my account on my new number nor on my old number. So I cant get access to the support chat. Nor is the phone number working on the site. There is no email address that I can send my email to either


It’s a general problem with the system. It seems like their system is momentarily down.


Ok thats a relief. It just happened right as I made the change in my phone number. So I was panicking a bit. Thank you


App totally down for me… tried to top up couldn’t…

Then I saw he app had unlinked my Revolut card.

Logged out of app and could not log back in

Uninstalled the app just encase and still not able to log in.

Must be a major tech fault…

Not sure if anyone can actually use the card?

Cant find any news of an outage though and no way to directly contact anyone to know when resolved. I need to use he card this morning.

great product until it goes wrong.


Hi guys! Massive apologies. This issue has been resolved. Could you please try to close and reopen the app?


Actually, no. My issue hasnt been resolved. I cant access my account at all. Neither through my old number, nor my new number