Help! Account is currently blocked for security reasons.

I tried to pay by a virtual card for tickets to a music festival (for me and my friends) on different foreign websites, but the transaction was rejected several times. After that, my account has been blocked “for security reasons”. I’ve verified my cards. Support doesn’t respond to my messages. What can I do next? I am a bit nervous, cause I have not only my money there, but also my friends.

Same issue. Just got a question what is my purpose with the account, and i have also verifyed All my cards. Even got a notification that i need to top op even though my account is blocked and i have money in it. Have You heard anything back?

Yes, they asked me if I would be so kind to clarify the nature of my transaction :joy: So, I explained it and now I’m waiting for a response. It takes so long…

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I got my issue fixed with no further pain. I would really like that the verification had a limit, so when you are verifyed, there are No more verification. I am all in all happy with revolut, but this thing with blocked accounts more than once, Will stop me for recomending it to people i know. At least until i see it runs smoothly.

Mine is blocked too with 2500€ on board! Please help!!!

My problem is finally resolved. I’m calm for now and I hope it won’t happen again.