Have You Heard About The Smart Way To Manage Your Business Account Expenses?

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If you have a Revolut Business account, prepare to perk up your ears for this one!

What’s Expenses? :thinking:
Expenses is a tool you can use to track your Business account spending like never before, saving precious admin time. The main WOW factor is that you and your team members can attach and categorise receipts for each payment, Direct Debit, or transfer — no more lost receipts, no more manual data entry. Cool, right?

How do I upload receipts?
For every transaction, team members can attach their receipt as a file or picture. For future recurring payments, team members assign categories to expenses manually, or Expenses does it for you automatically, ‘cause it’s just that clever! :robot:

Who’s in charge?
Business account admins have control over their team’s expenses. They can:

  • approve or reject other team members’ expenses
  • download all the transaction history as a CSV file to sync it with internal accounting software, or sync your data automatically with Xero (Xero connection occurs via Business API)
  • set up new expense categories, tax rates, and create labels to track team members’ projects or trips
  • receive notifications to approve each expense

After each transaction, team members get an in-app reminder to attach their receipt.

For further information on Expenses, please see our FAQs here

How much does it cost?
The cost might vary depending on the region. You can check the exact amount in this FAQ link*.

*Don’t forget to select the correct country while checking these links.

Sounds great, how can we use it?
Log in to your Revolut Business app > select Hub on the bottom menu > under the Tools section, select Expenses > Get started

Any thoughts? Will you use Expenses for your Business account? Let us know in the comments! :point_down:t4:

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