Have you heard about Pockets? 💰

The biggest bummer is that you can’t select any particular transfer to be added to a pocket. Revolut has its own algorithm to identify which one qualifies as Pocket expense. The second one that you are not certain if the debits will come out of the right pocket every time.

It’s even worse than that.

Even when manually selecting a specific card payment with a specific amount from a specific merchant, the app messes up frequency and amount if there are other payments related to that merchant. One example is Apple, wich charges for subscriptions (Apple’s own or third party via App Store), but also for one time purchases like apps, movie rentals, ebooks.

Revolut’s options to set up and/or recognize recurring payments are messy. This affects then statistics and pockets which both rely on this.


The merchant plays a key part in the information they provide, IE marking themselves as a recurring payment provider.

Some banks, like monzo in the UK allow you to pick this for most purchases but that’s work on their end being put into it.

Would be great to be able to set a recurring payment via revolut even from the card verification in the feed. IE this merchant checked card details. Any payments from this, take from X pocket.

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Setting recurring payments manually isn’t rocket science when amount, timeframe and merchant identifier are consistent. Revolut outsmarts itself by overriding a manual user input with their rules.


Can’t agree more. It is a simple math.


Now I’ve a recurring card payment, it’s annoying I can’t set it to come from a pocket.

Easily managed by keeping the funds stashed away and moving it to my main balance once it’s done.

Virtual cards assigned to Pockets are a must-have with this :upside_down_face:


None of my DDs nor standing orders show merchant logo :flushed:

Eg, my lottery Pocket DD transactions


When will this be implemented? :pray: :pray:


@karudish Hello, Welcome to the community. :sunflower:

We understand this feature and we are working on implementing it. While we cannot provide an exact timeline at this time, we can assure you that it is on our road map and we are committed to bringing it to you as soon as possible. :woman_mechanic:

Veda | Community Team

Still waiting, no updates yet :expressionless: