Have you heard about Pockets? 💰

Can’t agree more. It is a simple math.


Now I’ve a recurring card payment, it’s annoying I can’t set it to come from a pocket.

Easily managed by keeping the funds stashed away and moving it to my main balance once it’s done.

Virtual cards assigned to Pockets are a must-have with this :upside_down_face:


None of my DDs nor standing orders show merchant logo :flushed:

Eg, my lottery Pocket DD transactions


When will this be implemented? :pray: :pray:


@karudish Hello, Welcome to the community. :sunflower:

We understand this feature and we are working on implementing it. While we cannot provide an exact timeline at this time, we can assure you that it is on our road map and we are committed to bringing it to you as soon as possible. :woman_mechanic:

Veda | Community Team


Still waiting, no updates yet :expressionless:

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I have some pockets to save money for my daughters. I want to move these amounts onto the flexible account but keep them separated by pocket. Is there any development ongoing about this?

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Why not just open more than one (additional) savings accounts?



Pockets are fine, but it really isn’t much different from the traditional Vaults.

Here is the functionality that I really want to see added to pockets. And it would also be the critical feature that would have many of my friends create a revolution account here in the UK.

I am going skiing for a week in France with six lads. I would like to create a Pocket for that trip, that we all contribute our communal food & beer money into. A kitty.

To that, I would like to add a virtual credit card which could be added each of the six persons digital payment wallet on their phones.

Each day we can all top up the Kitty by €50. And that way anybody who is out and about, can pay for communal spend without having to worry about wiring money between accounts.

Seems reasonable ….??

If Revolut could do that, then all of those six lads would sign up. But as it is, they are going to continue to use Splitwise and shuttle money manually between accounts each day. Which seems like the Stone Age to me.

Thanks. Fin.

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@SirFin Hello, Welcome back. :heart_eyes:

We appreciate the detailed feedback. We’ll definitely share this with our product team for consideration! :rocket:

Veda | Community team

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With the new iOS App Update the spent money in a pocket is not shown in the analysis.
Only payments in the main account will be shown in the analysis view.

Is it a bug?

Br Andy

Sounds like you‘re using the UK version of the app? It’s the only region where spending from pockets is enabled, as far as I am aware. Maybe Switzerland as well. Might be the reason why statistics for it isn’t implemented (yet).

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Hi Frank,

Thanks for your reply.

It‘s from the German iOS App Store.
It worked until last week. I could see the payments from the pockets in the statistic view. Now I don’t.

Be Andreas


I see. I assumed you were referring to card transactions where categories/statistics are more relevant for everyday spending.

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Yes sure, card transactions. In my case monthly regular payments.

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Okay, you’re referring to ”Bills” pockets that are designed to handle recurring card payments and direct debit transactions only compared to one-time card payments with a card that is linked to a “Personal” pocket.

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Yes, you are right, I did not mentioned that. I use the bills pockets for recurring payments.

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I noticed exactly the same few days ago. Payments from my ‘subcriptions’ pocket are not shown in the analytics anymore. This always worked before since I started using Pockets.


Hello everyone, I would like to create a pocket for annual direct debits (e.g. insurance, car tax, etc.) and for municipal direct debits (garbage fees, etc.) and then automatically operate them from it. Does anyone have such pockets running reliably with German authorities? Can I assign the direct debit to a pocket directly upon announcement in the app or does it have to be collected at least once?