Google Pay always requiring 2 taps?

Sorry, only tangentially :r: related, but I was hoping some of you payment-savvy peeps might have a clue! Here’s the problem:

I always seem to have to tap twice when using Google Pay at terminals in stores. I unlock my phone (with fingerprint or pattern or face recognition) and I open the Google Pay app, where my standard card is selected. It seems ready, so I tap the terminal. But then the phone always asks me for a pattern or fingerprint again, and then says ‘now try again’, and only then it works.

Is this normal? Surely it should work with just one tap as I’ve already unlocked the phone? Some extra info: I am in Belgium; yes, Google Pay is my standard NFC app; and yes, tap-and-pay is activated.

Thanks in advance!

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I don’t open Google Pay, and I am paying without any problem (it is enough to tap only ones)

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It happened to me before as well, but only with a specific merchant. The rest work by only tapping once :slight_smile: