Germany - Toping up with Deutsche Bank

Hi there!

I’m using Revolut for quite some time now. I already found some topics about this but I wasn’t entirely clarified.

Since the beginning of this year, I moved to Germany and my income is in the bank Deutsche-Bank and I received their standard EC-Karte (not really a debit card or credit card). I’m topping up Revolut with my Portuguese account but since I don’t have my salary there, is a pain to top up.

So what’s the best solution to top-up Revolut with Deutsche-Bank? Bank transfer apparently takes some days. Ask the bank for a debit card (since with credit cards we have to pay a small fee in Revolut)? Open an account in another bank (like N26)?

Thanks in advance!

You can get the regular international debit card from Deutsche Bank or open an account with n26

Which international debit card you’re referring to?

This, which is a debit Mastercard also linked to girocard system:

1% foreigin fee sounds a bit bad

That is for non euro/non-eea transactions. Would not apply for a EUR top up in revolut.

Sorry for the late reply! Thanks for the suggestion. Have you tried yourself topping with this card?


Unfortunately I personally don’t know, but I do know someone that uses it to top up just fine.

Ok thanks anyway. I’ll check it out.