GBP and EUR accounts unavailable

Good afternoon,

I installed Revolut app and my identity have been successfully reviewed.

Then it is time to load some € on my newly created account to order the Mastercard…

But I have that problem : trying to reach the account through “top up” or “profile” page just send me on freezed blank page then back on blue pin code welcome page.

It seems I can have an account in any currency available except Euro & British Pounds.

So… I cleared cache and uninstalled/installed Revolut a few time. My phone runs Android 5.01.

Any known bug ? I will wait for an update and see if it helps. If not I will use Revolut when buying a new phone in the future…

Hi, you can add any account from this list:

Thank you but this is just a shortcut button to the account’s page.

I can indeed add any currency except for Euro and British Pounds. Quite annoying.

If developpers read this section…

What do you see there?:
More> Profile> Account data>

I see the summary of accounts available :wink:

Default Euro and British Pounds that make Revolut crash

Other currency like USD is ok though.

I will use this app when it will be updated or with another device. It seems dead here.

Thanks for your help.