Garmin Pay

anything in particular to help overcome that issue?
I’ve also tried the verification process about 5 times now (even deleted the account once, then re-created) but no luck. It’s not that I’m getting an error, but rather I’m not getting any SMS.
Not sure how to check if Revolut is able to send me an SMS or not, other services can.

I have tried to add my Revolut mastercard, physical and virtual too, to garmin pay and it says that Revolut is NOT supported. WTF.

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Although they actively promote it, it does not work (MC Switzerland). They always say that they work hard on it… and it is still in the test phase - ridiculous.

Same here in Lithuania… It’s been two months already since they listed Revolut MCs as compatible with Garmin Pay

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Same in Latvia Screenshot_20190523-100434_Revolut

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Was hoping to get Garmin Pay with Revolut as my banks doesn’t support it.

Well, no luck with revolut either… Virtual card that I got was Visa and then trying to add it to Garmin it contacts Revolut, gets some terms but then it fails with “Card Provisioning (Authorization) Failed”. :frowning:

Revolut is not listed on the Garmin Pay list of participating banks any longer:

Does anyone know if support was dropped altogether? I wasn’t able to pay using my Garmin watch today :frowning: Transaction failed, but no reason given.

I had a strange experience with Garmin Pay earlier today. After I put my watch near the terminal to make the transaction, the POS beeped like always, but instead of the usual 1-2 seconds to verify my “card”, the POS was processing the transaction for over a minute. It seemed like the POS was frozen or something (it just said authorising the whole time), but after one minute the transaction successfully went through and the money was deduced from my Revolut balance. However, one hour later, the transaction was reverted for some reason (I have no idea why).

I thought at first there was something wrong with the POS, but it could also be related to Revolut making some changes around Garmin Pay. Really don’t know what’s going on.

Same problem with me as well. My today payment with Garmin Pay was reverted…

Also I don’t see Revolut to be supported on Garmin site. It has been removed.

Why are you complaining? Free money!

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Garmin removed Revolut from supported providers everywhere.

In Austria as well! I am very disappointed! I took out the whole account balance!

Will only deposit again when Garmin Pay works again with Revolut in Austria.

Actually, I was charged for the same transaction again after a few days and this time it didn’t get reverted, so I didn’t get anything for free after all.

Sucks but hey, it was nice while it lasted.

I don’t see how you can complain either way. Either you paid and got what you paid for, or you got a free drink :joy:

I can hardly believe it! Yesterday the Revolut Mastercard enabled me to activate my Forerunner 645 again. Even to pay with the Garmin worked today smoothly!

Now I have again loaded money on my Revolut account!

It now work again!!!

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Now it works for meas a charm. Very happy.