Garmin Pay


I’d like to see the implementation of Garmin Pay. I work out a lot with my Garmin Watch and having the option to pay with the Revolut Card in the Garmin app would be a great benefit. Any news or thoughts about this?


I opened a theme in the forum 3 months ago. I would like Garzón pay support too in Revolut…

I wish they hear our wishes.


+1 for Garmin Pay. I have a shiny new Garmin Fenix and am considering joining Starling Bank just as they are ahead of Revolut…but I am a long term Revolut fan…

Any news if Revolut is even considering this?


Really need Garmin Pay support!


+1 for Garmin Pay. I see Garmin Pay is being adopted pretty quickly in the Czech Republic, so I guess it is not that restrictive as other platforms. I love my garmin watch and I don’t want to replace it for Wear OS one, which would supports G Pay.


+1 for Garmin Pay as we don’t have any single bank to support it here in Bulgaria.


Upvote for garmin pay! This would be very helpful to me :slight_smile:


:+1:for Garmin Pay, totally agree.
Other card issuers already offer this, after all, Revolut needs to be prepared for the future.
Revolut should integrate support for Garmin Pay, at least for premium and metal users.