Flight / Baggage Delay Insurance


Has anyone seen the T&C’s / policy docs for the new flight / baggage delay insurance?
I can’t seem to find them, my Revolut App is still showing the old insurance docs…

These are also available online, under FAQ or Legal agreements:


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If you upgraded from premium to metal the insurance is the same and the insurance will automatically be renewed when close to expiring.

Thanks - looks like the policy details in my app are still the old ones but I guess these will be updated in due course

FYI here are the policy items dealing with travel delay and lost baggage.

• Delayed departure compensation of £80 if you are delayed for more than 4 hours, and then £80 per complete 1 hour thereafter, up to a maximum amount of £320.
• Delayed baggage cover up to a maximum amount of £320 if your baggage is temporarily lost during your outward trip and is not returned to you within 4 hours.

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Do you have to book the flight from a revolut card?
And also how can you prove that your luggage has been lost?

No, it is not necessary to book a flight with Revolut card.

For more info on this and for an answer to your second question, please refer to Terms and conditions of the insurance, which you can find under FAQ or Legal Agreements, or just invest some time, scroll up this thread and you won’t even have to look for the documents yourself.

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It’s only related to health care.
I can’t find the Flight / Baggage Delay Insurance which is not included in the travel insurance by White Horse.

Even the official page has uncheck the baggage section, so it must be a separate one.

Hey Water-Fire

You can find the updated documents in the help centre.


Click on “Annual policy (received with Revolut Premium)” and it will take you to the correct document which contain information about delayed departure and delayed luggage.

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Will only get the main card holder of Revout Metal get the 320 GBP for an appropriate delay, or will also get the travel companion additional 320 GBP if he was added to travel insurance before?