First virtual card should always be free


As a (somewhat) long time user of Revolut, I was thinking about getting a virtual card, but it has a fee.

If I was a new user, I could ask the virtual card first and have no fee (and then order the physical card).

So, what I am suggesting is that for all users - new and current, the first virtual card is free.


Right, but you get the same benefit whether you’re ordering a virtual or a physical card first.

Fees related to new cards are split into “issuance” and “shipping”.

Issuance of the 1st card is free for every customer. It does not matter if it is virtual or physical.

Shipping on the other hand is, obviously, not applicable for the virtual card. But in any case, every new customer gets the same financial benefit.

So what you might not have thought of is that ordering a virtual card first and then a physical card does already result in exactly the same amount of fees.


Hi, thanks for your input.

I actually do not agree. You see, if you order the physical card first, you pay 6€ for the shipping, and then another 6€ when you order the virtual one. Right?

But if you order the virtual one first, it’s free, and then you only pay 6€ for the physical.

Or am I missing something?


Yes, you’re missing the “issuance” fee of 6 EUR that is identical for both. It is called the “spare card fee”. It would be like this:

1st virtual: free
2nd physical: 6 EUR issuance + 6 EUR shipping


1st pysical: 6 EUR shipping
2nd virtual: 6 EUR issuance


I may be wrong, but I really do not have that idea. And I just asked a friend to check, and he is telling me the app is only asking for 6€ to order the physical card (he only has 1 virtual card in the account).


As written in another tread, it depends on country. In Norway shipping is for free but you pay for card. Both physically and virtual.


Yeah, it could be. I’ve just asked another friend, and she says only 6€ fee for the physical card, having already asked for the virtual one first.


Yes, that’s right, shipping can be different depending on country. It’s cheaper in Poland for example, I believe. But spare card fee isn’t, I believe.

So, looking at the fees again ignoring shipping, one would still always end up with the same fees for the cards, whether one orders a virtual or a physical first.


Guys, I stand corrected. Prices for cards seem to have changed. Here’s a screenshot from the prices section of the current T&Cs.


… and here a screenshot from the FAQs. I really am confused now. Aren’t they showing different prices?


Hi there. Frank is right :slight_smile:


Am I ? I am honestly a little bit confused. Am I overthinking this or is there a difference between the two screenshots I posted?


What’s the difference?


On the T&C chart, section 1 “Account and R. Card Issuance Charges”:
It says “issuance charge” for physical card GBP 5. (That is for shipping, I guess.)

On the T&C chart, section 2 “Additional R. Card Charges”:
It also says GBP 5. (I thought this would be 10.)

So that is this. And also: isn’t it less clear here that the physical card, when ordered 2nd, would cost 10, and not 5, like stated in section 1? Unless it is actually true what is stated in section 2, that an additional physical card does also cost 5. And that is why I am confused. :cold_sweat: