Fees in Thailand

Hi guys,

I’ve probably read the FAQs about 5 times now but I’m still not sure whether this would happen. If I use an ATM in Thailand, will the 200TBH fee that the ATM charges be covered by Revolut or will I have to cover it? I only ask as I’ve gotten it into my head that Revolut will cover it, however I think I’m mistaken.

If anyone else can give me any other tips as well for using ATMs in Thailand, that would be fantastic.


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Hi Ryan.

Information from this thread may be useful.

Revolut will not cover anything. You will however be charged extra, but read the other post for details.

Hey there! Unfortunately we do not cover external ATM terminal fees. However if you go to this link:


It will show you the closest supporting ATMs, and under the search settings, you can select one that will only show you free ATM terminals without any service fees. This should help.

All ATMs in Thailand charge the fee, last I checked there was no way around it. Some banks that stand by their promise of truly free ATMs worldwide (unlike Revolut) will refund the fee to the customer.

Don’t use the Revolut card in Thailand, the exchange rate is particularly bad (someone even posted about it here recently but maybe it got deleted). For a short trip, either take cash in US dollars and exchange it to THB once you arrive, or use any other card that gives you the standard MasterCard or even Visa rates, which should still be preferable. (For longer stays, consider a bank transfer to a local account.)


Hi guys, that fab. Thank you ever so much for your help.

@trulove- do you think I can still use a card to get money converted, instead of taking cash with me? Silly question to ask, but I don’t want to be stuck without enough money!

ofcourse you can, but be prepared, that every withdrawal will cost you a thai ATM fee of 200 THB. On top of that, you will not be able to withdraw more than 20.000 or in some cases 30.000 THB at a time.
Revoult fees are on top of this costs. (withdrawal fee and conversion fee).

bottom line…Thailand is expensive with ATMs, and Revolut just makes this experience even more expensive unfortunately.

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@ryancshar Yeah, just use any other card that offers standard MasterCard or Visa rates (note: some other cards also charge high extra fees so check that in advance as well).

Also see this post from the thread linked above by @capital:


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Cash is always the best way to pay, a Revolut card is for emergency use only.