Feedback from someone who loves Revolut


Hey Revolut,

I adore you; although there are some issues in regards to your processor at times and there are occasions where it’s hard to get through to chat support.

I understand that these issues are temporary and that if anything does go wrong (such as failed transactions being deducted from balances) these issues are fixed very promptly and the only frustration from these instances is because we are a spoiled generation that is used to an ‘everything must happen immediately’ way of life.

Like many customers, I am a Premium user and also as I top up in USD, I pay between $7 and $11 (an average of $7.71 a week over the past 4 months) in top up fees every week when topping up in dollars as I travel. This is why the following complaint bothers me so much:

I don’t expect any special privileges as a Premium user or someone who pays fees when I top up in USD as I understand these are just part of the business and it is what it is but I am continuously astounded by the repugnant attitude of some of your staff when issues get difficult.

Firstly, I had issues as I wanted a back up card and was told the world wide carrier you use won’t deliver to my location. That’s fine, I understood. I then contacted and asked if I could pay a carrier to ship it for me and was told that the actual issue was I was in a ‘high risk’ location. Not only was I mislead initially but it’s hard to accept a final answer when no way around an issue is formulated that benefits the customer and also provides certainty to the business when a customer is in such a location.

I was told to ship it to my home address and I fail to see why someone else in possession of my card is of a lower risk than a carrier directly delivering it to me.

I then contacted regarding changing my number; it appears my prefix isn’t supported. I am having phone issues and so I asked to update it so I may restore my phone. I asked if there was any alternative as some of the weird and wonderful countries I travel to aren’t covered by roaming agreements.

The agent in the conversation had clearly just seen that the prefix wasn’t supported so pushed me away when I asked what I could do in this instance. It was obvious that he didn’t care and it was essentially my problem.

It’s really hard to couple the amazing service your product provides with the level of customer service your staff provide. I understand English isn’t their first language but their level of empathy and the ability to think outside the box to help a customer or, even to reassure them through alternatives seems to be null.

I’m sorry for the long rant but I really do feel that you can do so much better when it comes to customer service and if this were the case, people would have much less of an issue with the longer waits to speak to a rep, no matter how lovely Rita is.




Hello there, I am really sorry to hear this. We expect our support to provide the best quality service, and we will certainly investigate this and any exchanges you’ve had with our agents. Our sincere apologies if you found the chats to be unhelpful.

I have written you a private message to get more details.


Having some very similar issues, problems contacting support, lack of app prefixes on Android/ios. Echo your sentiment 100%!

Any support with Revolut directly, (not via the app??)


Hi there. Could you please send me a direct message so that I can help you?


Hi. I am not able to deposit amounts bigger than 1000 lei because my personal information hasn’t been checked yet from 13 September when I sent the request. Can you hurry up this process as I need to use an amount bigger than 1000 lei? Thanks!