Feedback about Flexible Accounts

This is just meant to be a post gathering feedback around flexible accounts because I didn’t want to make a new post for a simple feature request.

I think the ability to specify an account where interest is being payed out to would be useful.

Suppose I have a lot of flexible accounts. You might want to accumulate interest in some accounts but for others it might make more sense to have interest payout to different account.

Similar to how the Cashback allows you to designate a pocket where it’s transferred to.

Say I create a pocket for an event, like a festival. So planning ahead, I might use a flexible account to save up money. Now I don’t really need the interest in the same pocket/account. Instead I might want to put the interest into my “Savings” or “Passive Income” account.

I think this would improve flexibility of accounts.


Thank you for sharing your feedback with us @moritzroessler. Stay tuned. :rocket:

SG | Community Team