Feature Suggestion for Joint Accounts

I recently started using Revolut’s Joint Account with my partner and there’s an important feature that seems to be missing for me. So I’d like to suggest the addition a feature that would improve Joint accounts, if possible to implement.

I think it would be a good to have the option to withdraw from your Shared Pockets directly to your Joint account, especially if it’s a Shared Pocket with only the two Joint account holders. It would also be nice if we could share Savings/Flexi accounts as well.

Perhaps they could be separate types of accounts, for example Joint Savings and Joint Pockets (different from the Shared Pockets, which can be with multiple people), where the partners are both the owners, the same way it is with the Joint Currency accounts.

It’s a bit odd that we can have Shared Pockets and a Joint Account, but when we want to withdraw the funds from the Pockets to use, we can’t withdraw to our Joint account, only to the Personal account.

I hope this reaches the Product and Development teams and is taken into consideration for implementation. I believe these would be great additions and would help to make using Joint Accounts a seamless experience.


@Guicarminati Hello, Welcome to the community. :sunflower:

Thanks for the suggestion! We hear you - managing shared finances should be smooth. We’re always looking for ways to improve and your ideas are valuable. We’ll pass them on to the product team! :hugs:

Veda | Community team