Failed transfer, urgent help needed

Hey to all.
I want to transfer from my revolut account to my bank account some money and it is failing on each attempt after the transaction sms is received. I have sent in the past money to this bank account and it has worked. I have the latest version of the app running on Android.

Also the chat support is not answering and it seems that I’m in a standby for 96h.

It is very urgent to me to send the money today because I have to do an urgent payment.

Can someone help me? I thank you in advance.

Please uninstall the app then install it ones again.
And remember do not create multiplied threads in the same topic :wink:

… It is an urgent matter. OK… Done that, still not working.

Several hour have passed and my other topic was closed with the same message from the team member @AndreasK “we have escalade this to…” Like every other support team told me in the last days and nothing happens.
My money are still trapped in to revolute account without any answer from the help team. The premium account brings no benefits. I need my money urgently and no body seems to care.

Hope that this situation will be solved somehow and I will be able to retrieve my money from revolute account.

Hi there. Your account is under review at the moment, which means you cannot transfer funds out. As a FCA registered business follows Money Laundering Regulations, we’re obliged to perform all these reviews to ensure the appropriate level of customer due diligence is performed to mitigate against the risk of money laundering.