Experience in Qatar ?

HSBC allows transfer in the GCC. UAE AED to Revolut AED, KSA SAR to Revolut SAR etc? No fees, no hassle, 3 days transfer.

Then you can make the exchange directly within Revolut app …exchange to USD, GBP, EUR, …etc

I recently opened an Revolut premium account in UK primarily to receive QAR as I will be starting a new job in Qatar soon. However at the time of writing this post, the xe.com rate between GBP and QAR is 4.89 yet the Revolut rate in my app to convert from QAR to GBP is 4.98 or 0.2008!!! Why the huge difference? If its normal to see such a huge difference in then I might as well stick with my Transferwise account to receive USD from Qatar. Re: transferwise, can someone confirm that they accept USD payments from Qatar despite Qatar not being on the list of countries from which they accept USD payments?

Hi guys!

Before i was sending some money (maximum of 3000 usd each time) from qnb mobile app to my revolut with absolutely no problems. Last transaction i did was a test transaction of 30 usd from my qnb account to my usd revolut account (using my old GB IBan) made on 4 Jan 2021 and i received the money in revolut on 6Jan.
Then, on 7 Jan, i sent 10950 QAR (3000 usd) to my revolut USD old GB iban.

Today, 14 Jan i didn’t receive the money. I asked qnb the swift details which i sent to revolut customer service.
QNB says that transaction was successful, Revolut says that they don’t have the transaction in the system but confirmed that all details are correct.

QNB says there’s a unknown fee if i ask to track the transaction even if this wasn’t my mistake!?

Of course i don’t want to pay for nothing that was not my fault. So what are my options here?

If i just do nothing and wait, the money will eventually return to my account?

Good morning, I try to change my bank IBan to QNB but is look like REVOLUT is not on QNB banque someone get the same problem ?

Revolut is not in many overseas bank automatic details, so the way around is to add another UK bank address details, such as Lloyds, which should be in their system. However input your correct / exact Revolut IBAN, as long as your IBAN is correctly entered it will arrive. Do a small test transfer to be sure.