Existing user, setting upo freelancer account

Hi! I habe been using revolut privately but also to receive payments as a freelance consultant. i have applied for a freelance account as well. There is no option to state that I am already a customer (with verified address and personal data), so I am asked to send this info again. Plus, I have uploaded recent invoices where the funds have been going into revolut already! how better to prove legitimacy?
How can I speed up things here? Same user, same address, can prove payments for invoices into existing revolut account - what else do you guys need?

Hello there @Thelemata !

Thank you for choosing Revolut for Business as banking solution! I understand that confirming your identity again being existing Revolut customer may seem not necessary however specifics of the business product are quite different hence separate process to register.
In fact, we are considering implementing solution that would feed the data from personal accounts that would speed up business onborading process for already existing customers. Hopefully it will be integrated in the future.

As of now, seems that onboarding team is in contact with you so everything should go smooth from there.

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