Employee Log-in Accounts


Hi is there any plans to create employee only access accounts which allows employees to view their spending on their card?
Currently I’m having to send weekly updates with spend vs. leftover which could be totally avoided.



Hi there @fguglielmino1 - thanks for your suggestion. This is something we’re aware of and keen to make easier in the future. The team has this in the pipeline for the autumn so employees will be able to manage this for themselves, which should in turn free up more of your time.

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HI James

thanks for your reply. One more thing when is the API with Xero going to be


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Hi @fguglielmino1 - our development team has begun work on this should be ready to go in the next couple of months all being well!



Hi there !

Any news on this? it is currently only available for Physical card holders. why not for Virtual Cards access?



Hi @Glvingne

Our API is going to be launched to all customers early in 2018 - we are currently testing in beta.

Thanks for your patience