Downgrade Metal to Premium directly

Metal is great but after a year and a half, I realise it doesn’t justify the cost vs Premium.
So I want to automatically downgrade from Metal to Premium (both yearly) at next renewal. Customer support says it’s not possible currently. Only Metal to Standard then subscribe to Premium.

Can you please enable this flexibility? Thank you.


This is an online community of users not the Dev Team or the CEO’s inbox. :v:t3:

Isn’t that the point of having an Ideas section in a community?
I thought it was worth sharing this idea that will help improve the customer experience in regards to plan downgrade!


I think that your suggestion is very sensible and is posted in the logical place


I also think this is good idea. Do you know if after downgrading from Metal to Normal/Premium the Metal cards still work?

Your Metal card will work as normal. As long as you don’t remove it in your Revolut cards section, it’ll be fine.


Indeed it hurts CX if you are unable to upgrade or downgrade to the immediate next level of membership.

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but isn’t you downgrading to standard and then upgrading to premium just 2 clicks of your thumbs more than hypothetically going directly from metal to premium ?? It is also instant… can’t really see the problem here…