Don"t enough money... and after


A little question because I find various answer for this:
If my Revolut account don’t have enough money for a trade:
1° the trade will not be complete, it will be refuse
2° the trade will be accepte by my account will be in negative and I must to correct this?
3° the trade will be complete and Revolut will automaticaly take my money with the card and the account associated to my Revolut account?

Thank for your answer and communicate to me the part in the contrat wich stipulate this


The transaction will be declined if not enough money on account .
It’s against the Revolut rules to have negative account balance.
If somehow it goes thru,and negative balance occur , then you have to top it up,so it’s not negative.


AFAIK the transaction will fail, Revolut does not offer so far any
overdrafts or automatic top-ups when the available amount is less than what is requested.

However I am sure @AndreasK can spell out the details as I am not fully familiar with the fineprint either :slight_smile:


Thank for thos quickly answer. A Revolut user was said me it’s possible but Revolut will automatically supply my account with the card that was used for reloading. I realize he was wrong.


To the best of my knowledge, that is not the case. But to be absolutely sure I’d wait for a confirmation by Andreas.


Hi there. If you have insufficient balance to complete the transaction, it will be declined.

In some instances, offline transactions or Revolut fees for services such as Premium and Device Insurance can lead to your balance dropping below zero.

According to Revolut’s Terms & Conditions, if for any reason you have a negative balance, you agree to immediately top up the required amount to correct the negative balance.

Revolut will notify you following a negative balance and allow you up to 7 business days to top up. After that, Revolut will correct the balance automatically by exchanging funds between accounts or attempting to top up with your registered card.

Enable auto top-up to keep your balance positive!

You can find this on our FAQ here:


I stand corrected as to my previous statement about auto top-ups. There is.