Do I need a minimum balance to receive transfers?

Pour recevoir un virement d’une plateforme de trading de 13000 euros on me demande de créditer mon solde Révolut de 13000 euros avant de pouvoir me faire ce virement. Est ce normal ? Merci

English translation (using Google):
To receive a transfer from a trading platform of 13,000 euros I am asked to credit my Revolut balance of 13,000 euros before being able to make this transfer. Is this normal? THANKS

You don’t need to have a balance in the receiving account. Did Revolut ask for the money or the trading platform?

La plateforme de trading me demande me mettre sur mon compte revolut la même somme qu’elle doit me virer

Let’s think about this. Why on earth would any trading platform make such a demand. This seems super sketchy. What’s their reason? They hopefully have no access to your Revolut account. Your Revolut balance is none of their business unless this is a case where they ask for collateral when investing in CFDs and spread bets or something like that.

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That sounds dodgy, I would be very cautious. As @Frank rightly points out, your Revolut balance is none of their business and it doesn’t seem to be collateral for investments since you’re the one who is supposed to receive the funds.