Disposable cards increasingly rejected

For a few months now, I’m having more and more trouble paying with disposable cards. I like the feature for the security it provides to my account. But Amazon have been rejecting them for some time now (don’t shop on Amazon, anyway), Stripe is rejecting them more and more, and overall on the internet, I have trouble paying with them.

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@CelianGdfrd Hello, Welcome to the community. :star_struck:

I am sorry to hear about this. Thank you for the feedback and we will look into this issue asap.

However Disposable (single-use) virtual cards are suitable for one-time, online transactions to protect our customers against online card fraud.
They shouldn’t be used for subscriptions like Netflix, Spotify, Amazon Prime, etc. or with Merchants that require a pre-authorisation transaction (e.g. Car Rentals or Hotels).

Can you please describe the issue you are facing while paying with them? :thinking:

Veda | Community team

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