Disposable Card - Create new card


It would be great if you could generate a new card number and invalidate the previous number.
This is especially useful when a sale was cancelled but you have already provided the number.

Also being able to set a limit would be very useful.


You already can, but I think the disposable card function is only available to premium members


Hello, it’s already available :slight_smile:



No, you cannot invalidate an unused virtual number.
Also you can not set a limit on the transaction.
So it’s not safe to use a one-time number for phone order.


Premium users actually have a better option, which is the ability to create arbitrary numbers of virtual cards, assign each of them to a specific vendor (‘Rename Card’) and then set a limit (‘monthly limit’ but you can set it as low as you want for an individual transaction). After the transaction has gone through you simply Freeze the card to prevent further transactions, unless or until you wish to use a vendor’s services again (where you can then reset the limit accordingly).