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to put it short: the merchant’s reasoning is bullshit.
It’s forbidden to discriminate IBANs in the EU.
Regulation (EU) No 260/2012 Article 9 Section 2:

A payee accepting a credit transfer or using a direct debit to collect funds from a payer holding a payment account located within the Union shall not specify the Member State in which that payment account is to be located, provided that the payment account is reachable in accordance with Article 3.

There is also an email address where you can report the IBAN discrimination:

member state cough cough brexit cough cough. but illegal to discriminate anyway.

Spain is still a member and has to follow EU regulations, and GB is still SEPA participant

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I seems most online systems in Spain aren’t allowing alphanumeric characters within the IBAN number, if you try and update the details online. (Endesa electricity being one)

My local broadband supplier has said, they are willing to accept the Revolut IBAN, however its their BANK (Sabadell) that won’t accept a mandate that isn’t Spanish based.

As much as we can point to EU regulation, saying they should accept them - its falling on deaf ears

and this is why you report every offender, in this case the bank.
Without reports nothing will change

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You are right, I pressed the company and got …
It may well work, or not. All I know is that we have tried UK bank accounts before and they’re always giving problems and every time we get a retected or failed DD we are charged by the bank so the management has said Spanish DDs only.


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I want to load my account with euros, not GBP though my account has been set up in GBP.
I have a Spanish bank a/c and credit card. I can’t find out how to send a message to the community without replying to a message from someone else. Help!!

first create a EUR wallet. there you’ll see the SEPA and SWIFT account details to top up EUR.