Direct Debits Euro’s

How do I set up a Spanish Direct Debit ?

Direct debits are set up with merchants! Make sure to use EUR account details as shown under „local“.

Hey @frank, are you sure that Revolut can be used for Direct Debits?
I was of the knowledge that Direct Debit wasn’t possible untill they acquire the Banking License!

the “local” EUR IBAN is for SEPA and works for direct debits despite people getting uncomfortable with the GB prefix.
i suppose this is part of the service provided by prepaid solutions.

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No, it’s not related. Direct debits do not require credit lines. Payments can be controlled actually better than prepaid card payments. Other than with card payments, there is no scenario where a payment results in a negative balance.

Well guys, as I can see from the article our friend shared above, Revolut does seem to support Direct Debits.

However, I tried Direct Debit with a money saving app (similar to Revolut Vault) called “Oval app”. But, Direct Debit In euros did not work with it. :man_shrugging:t2:

What do you mean by „did not work“? Did the app not accept the IBAN or was an attempt to actually withdraw funds unsuccessful? Did you talk to Oval support about this?

As far as I am aware, EUR direct debits work and customers are successfully using it.

I had the same problem with Glase (former Seqr). They told me via email that couldn’t set it up. Glase is an NFC enabled mobile-payments app that performs Direct Debits to an account when I buy with their app. However, they said they couldn’t make the transactions go through. Both Glase and Revolut said the error is on the other end, so I gave up on the feature.

The app did not accept the IBAN. It said that this account (Revolut) does not accept Direct Debits. The customer service of Oval obviously replied the way @pepe2124 experienced.

I suggest to just try it out with a different merchant. I can see that customers tried adding Revolut IBANs before direct debits were supported. Now some merchants might have on record that Revolut accounts do not support it while it the functionality was added in the meantime.

Failed direct debit withdrawals generate costs for merchants so it makes sense to me to block this option after negative experience.


I successfully use Revolut EUR direct debit with Glase. No issues whatsoever


My local IBAN for Euro’s starts GBP

in GBxx REVO 0099 … GB specifies the country, not the currency. It says it’s an account managed by a British financial institution identified as “REVO”

This is a very nice explanation :slight_smile:

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I just tried to setup a Direct Debit for a community charge and was told it may not be acceptable in Spain as it’s an international IBAN
I WAit to see what happens

by law all SEPA accounts are to be considered local within the eurozone.

Unfortunately the Spanish seem to make their own rules

that’s a EU regulation, even Spain needs to honour it. If someone doesn’t you have to file a complain at the nation authority mentioned on that post from N26.

I have set up direct debits in Ireland for Electric Ireland and Bord Gais, both are working fine and have debited successfully.

The only issue I had, was that both couldn’t be set up online due to the GB IBAN (only local IBAN is accepted).

I had to fill out and sign a physical paper mandate and post back for manual setup, but no problems after that.

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Can I pick your brain on this old thread. My Spanish merchant says he can not use “GBxx’ IBAN to set up a direct debit. My ‘local’ details in the Revolut app are identical. Revolut tell me they do not offer Spanish ‘ESxx’ IBAN … what is going on? I am based in UK but want to pay a supplier in Spain. Thanks in advance!