Difference standard/premium support

What is the actual difference between standard and premium support?

Before February it was the 24/7 availability but as this now applies to standard support as well I wonder where the premium part now comes in.






I would think that we get priority when contacting support. The most i have had to wait is 1 hour. And that was before the chat was 24/7 for everybody.

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Thanks, an hour still seems a lot :slight_smile: (particularly under a premium context).

Would be still nice to get an official statement how Revolut distinguishes.

Premium users get priority over standard users :slight_smile:

But nothing of the sort of a dedicated support agent or guaranteed response times?

Could you please elaborate?

I am curious whether premium support comes with some “hard” service level agreements (guaranteed response time - e.g. first response within five minutes and case resolution within a day, just as an example … maybe also with a dedicated support contact and not randomly assigned people) or just with a general “priority support” statement.

Well, don’t you think this would be advertised if there would be something like guaranteed response time?

Hence the question for clarification.

Do they actually reply in 1 hour 24/7 for premium users?