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so, as I heard that Revolut does not have affordable exchange rate during weekends, and I used card from another fintech service. So I dont get this currency exchange rate - does Revolut include its weekend markup in the app when you are cheching exchange rate? First picture is AMD to EUR from most webpages, second it from that another fintech service which card I used and third is from Revolut.

So, does anyone knows answer to this question - does Revolut include its weekend markup in the app when you are cheching exchange rate?


Is that Monese?

Revolut applies a 0.5% markup to major currencies (things like PLN, USD, JPY, GBP, EUR; this list isn’t exhaustive and I’ll include the link to the Revolut help article here) and a 1% markup on everything else with a couple of exceptions like the Ukrainian Hryvnia and the Thai Baht (which on weekends has a 2% markup and on weekdays a 1% markup).

Note that this will stack with the 0.5% fee that applies if you go over the free FX limit for standard users and it will also stack with the free ATM withdrawal limit that is present for all customers (ÂŁ200 for standard users, ÂŁ400 for premium and ÂŁ600 for metal)

To answer the actual question though, yeah the rates inside of the app include the markup, I heard they’re planning to make this more transparent in the future (and they really do need to do so)

If you have any more questions feel free to ask :slight_smile:


Thank you for your answer. Yes, it is Monese. So basically I lost money because I was listening to my friend who told me to use Monese instead of Revolut, because Revolut’s bad currency exchange rate during weekend. But what is interesting that most web pages that provide currency exchange rates says that 2700 AMD is 5,216 EUR, and Revolut’s rate (and it is weekend) is even lower (better)… :thinking::frowning:

Interesting find. So, current mastercard’s official rate (amd to eur) is not better than revolut’s rate even when weekends markup applied. I checked from 2 sources ( and and it indeed to appears to be true.

It’s really important that you look at the right exchange direction.
AMD->EUR is not equal to EUR->AMD.
If you spend AMD and Revolut takes Euro it’s EUR->AMD.
What you show in the rate converter in the Revolut app is AMD->EUR.

It takes about 5.265€ to receive 2700 AMD in Revolut currently. That is +0.86% compared to Monese’s rate.

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A lower rate is better if you exchange from EUR to AMD (you get the AMD cheaper).
If you exchange the other way, from AMD to EUR, a lower rate is worse (you get less EUR).
Are you sure the exchange rate you captured from the Revolut app is for exchanging in the way you wanted to? In the weekend the rate for exchanging one way differs significantly from exchanging the other way around, due to the weekend markup.