Crypto Advertising Ban

An interesting move I thought

Google to ban crypto adverts

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Facebook did this last month or so. I think it is great! I keep getting annoying ads on YouTube from Beluga bank, whatever that is :sunny:

You think it is great that an entire business sector is banned from advertising because you did not like a particular ad?

With the current state of Crypto yes i am. I don’t see any advertisements for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum or even Ripple. The only advertisement i see are for ICO’s, new ERC20 tokens etc. all designed to fraud people.

Fraud is a very general accusation and generic statement in this context. Some of those advertisers might not have the best interest of their customers in their focus but so does a lot of other businesses who can freely advertise on Google …

Google’s move is just following the current witch-hunt against non-traditional payment systems.

It is indeed. But i think it is safer this way. At least until it becomes more mainstream. I would love a world where cryptocurrencies was at a better place with less fragmentation in its eco system and lightning being used in its full capacity.

Soon we will be there! :metal::metal::metal::metal:

Ripple should be in revolut app soon :slight_smile:
I got all google ads turned off anyway.
Hate how they collect dara on you :smiley:

Fun fact: Ripple have offices in the same building as Revolut :slight_smile:

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Ripple apparently will be first “legal” crypto.