Croatia ATM?

Any tipps for free ATMs? Sby wrote all EU issued cards are free of charge? I will report about my experience

download “mastercard nearby” app and you will see a list of all atm where you can withdraw money from your revolut card absolutely free ( up to 200 euro / month )

You can withdraw from all Croatian ATMs free of charge if you don’t select the DCC option,

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So far I used Euronet ATMs. ATM offers DCC so better to watch what to choose. Otherwise was free of charge. I dont understand the HRKEUR i got like 7.37 but sure is better than anything else… I see a mid rate of 7.39. Maybe HRK is more exotic so there is higher spread than other currencies

There is no higher spread, except the usual weekend markup. The correct currency conversion to set in the app when you are withdrawing HRK IN Croatia is EUR to HRK, not the other way around

My friend was recently in Croatia and he told me that the ATMs he used only allowed him to withdraw money using DCC rate. He said that if DCC option not selected, then the ATM machine will return him his card immediately. Any recent travellors able to confirm if this is true, or let us know which ATMs we can use to avoid being charged DCC rates?

I used Erste Bank‘s ATMs was all good - Euronet ATMs offered GBP DCC as Revolut is UK Card. Watch out!! Rest I dont know…

I would say your friend was not right. I use Revolut ocassionally in Croatia and all ATMs always ask if I’d like to opt for DCC or not.

Thanks so much for your responses @andras.szalkai, @expatier; appreciate it. From the sounds of it, I just need to be careful when choosing which ATM to use (might stick with Erste Bank ATMs if I can find these).

I use Erste bank, PBZ, ZABA, Raiffeisen, HPB, Hypo and never had problems. Its just that different atms ask the DCC question in different ways, but you always have the choice.