Criminal Treatment.


Good evening,

Ive been a Revolut Premium Member since June 2017 and over the past year ive gotten a lot of friends and family to jump aboard this wonderful service. I have nothing but good praises towards the Revolut Team.

But recently I got an issue that id like to discuss.

As mentioned before I joined the community because every month id transfer money from my Portuguese account to my Natwest account and be hit with low rates and extra charges. From June to January I reached £19.5k top up and was asked to verify where the funds came from and etc, I did so but I was declined an increase. As I have two phones I decided to open a new account with my other number and from February till April I reached nearly £6.5k so you can see im a frequent user of these accounts.

Fast forward to May 3rd 2018 I arrived in Lisbon,Portugal and the following day I was still in Lisbon,Portugal but upon checking my spare phone I noticed that somebody in America had used my card and a very large fraudulent activity. I connected support team as soon as possible but they told me there wasnt anything they could do at the present moment because the transaction was still “pending” so I had to wait until it was completed to request a “ChargeBack”.

this left me $2718 out of pocket for my holiday in Portugal and then the fun part starts. They block both my accounts saying that I violated their T&C’s (which I totally understand) but they asked me again to verify my main account and source of income. they left in in limbo for Wednesday until Friday with no access to both the accounts nor did I have any money as I had transferred everything over.

I have bills to be paid and needed money for my holiday, but it doesn’t bother them because I violated their T&C’s. they caused me a lot of stress over the past few days and where constantly ignoring my messages via customer service. Until they finally replied and unblocked my premium account but still no sign of the money that was stolen. They said the case has been escalated with high importance to their charge back team. but it should of been high importance from the moment I put the request in because of the value that was taken from me.

Saturday morning they message me apologising and said that the fraud team only work Monday - Friday so out of inconvenience my money would be returned either Saturday evening or Sunday Latest.

I am writing this now to say not only have I not received the funds back but once again am I being ignored when I send messages.
I feel like I am being made to pay for the fact that I had money stolen from me and now I have to suffer.

I really need this issue sorted because I have bills that need paying and a trip to continue without having to stress when would I receive my money back.

Apologies for the long feedback but if there is anyone who could advice me on this matter please reply.

Many Thanks,


Chargeback procedure is lenghty process-up to 45 days .
I would contact support monday moorning,to clarify whats going on …
It didn’t help at all that you had 2 accounts…
Hope you get it sorted👍