country-specific transfer forms

I have a friend who has Revolut AND Transferwise. I asked him what he uses Transferwise for and he said that for transferring to some countries (India?) some aspects of the formatting in Revolut don’t work (IBAN length, for example).

Here in Belgium it’s true that whenever paying a bill, instead of using a text message we switch to a “structured message” with the transfer. It formats the number you type in a bit like this: “+++123/4567/890+++” so it can be machine-read by the recipient. Whilst you can type all of that manually into a Revolut text field I usually just switch to my local bank to make the payment.

So there is something Revolut Developers could do: create custom Transfer forms for different countries where appropriate. And a fast way to get going? Take a look at t-wise and see what they’ve done!

@r1234 Hey there! :wave: Thanks for your feedback, we always appreciate hearing from our users.

We understand the importance of seamless transfers and formatting, and we’ll definitely take your suggestion into consideration. :blush:

Veda | Community team