Costs for sending USD from Revolut to USD bank? And limits?



I am considering buying premium and just have a question.

If I send USD from Revolut to my USD Barclays bank account (located in the uk) are there any fee’s besides the fee I pay on my side (Barclays bank charge)?

Also on premium there are no limits for receiving and sending funds and exchanging using the interbank rates with no fee?



Hi there.

Thank you for contacting us.

Premium accounts have:

  • Unlimited free FX volume vs £5000/€6000 monthly free limit on standard account (spend, transfer and exchange anywhere in the world without FX fees regardless of the amount transacted)
  • Free Premium cards (with 3 unique custom designs)
  • Free Global express delivery
  • Free overseas medical insurance for EEA residents
  • Free spare cards
  • Double the ATM limit vs Revolut Basic (£400 / €400 / $400 / 400CHF / 1600PLN / 3,000DKK / 4,000SEK / 4,000NOK / 1,600RON or currency equivalent per month)
  • Exclusive 24/7 customer support

We will be adding loads more exclusive Premium features over the next few months, keep an eye out for updates!


Thanks, I have been waiting for a response on in app chat about increasing annual limit. Currently its £25,000 but if I wish for it to be increased more before I buy premium. I dont want to buy premium and then not be able to increase the limit, that would be a waste of money. How can I go about with the process of increasing it?


Have you reached your annual top up limit?


No but I dont want to reach it and then be told I cannot increase it further, because if I start using now I will buy premium right away the annual upfront cost. If I cannot increase limits after then the rest of the year subscription would be wasted.


You will need to get in touch with our support team so they can help you increase your limits.


I have emailed the relevant documents now, hope to get a reply soon.