I have tried to contact Revolut. Its impossible by any means. I joined Premium to chat… NO CHAT available. I signed here… No contact or chat available.

I tried to top up my account to pay my overseas mortgage and only receive a message box to say I can ony top up with £250 per day. You have not lifted the top up limit really which was £200 per day. What is the point in all this? really.

As you can read in the help center, newly added cards come with a daily top up limit. This limit is personal, can’t be raised manually but will increase over time automatically. Just use your card for top ups more often and the limit will become higher.

In the meantime, you could top up via regular bank transfer.

I reveived a massage to say that my top up limits have been removed, that was after verification. Of course I am topping up from bank fast transfer. But thanks I dont need it to take four days to put a grand on my account!

Furthermore ‘one’ cannot have an operation (particulalry financial based) with no support. This could be 4 people in an office for all we know!!!

There are two different limits. A yearly top up limit (that is increased after sucessful verification and can be further increased if necessary. You could check your personal yearly limit under more, profile, verification and limits).

And then there is a different daily limit for cards that are used for top ups. This limit cannot be increased manually.

Hello, i have the same problem, no answer from 2 weeks, very bad customer services. It s very frustrating do not get a answer

Please somebody that help me, I have 22.000 Euro locked on the account. I m thinking to make a report to the police


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Ohhh the contact is just one way. Revolut can push but customers cannot push or reply. My account (2 messages) negative… Ha ha ha you ttok the money for Premuim. I joined premium hoping that CHAT works. IT DOES NOT. REvolut waste of my time.

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