Constructive feedback on support


Hey there :slight_smile:

I’ve been participating for a short while in this community trying to share the things that might be useful and trying to learn the most on the way. However, there’s a constant in this forum: the support chat agents are (with some excellent exceptions) absolutely helpless.

I am a premium member because I had the feeling I had to support :r: and this is the response to one query. A vague response which says the same that was stated on the original question itself. If this is the support premium users receive, no wonder standard users complaint when they have to wait 6 hours to get the same response. :angry:

On the other hand, I have to say the Credit function, the Offers function and the Insurance function work flawlessly in Spain. Not a single problem, because they fell under the “UK first and the rest someday” policy. :frowning:

I understand things are not the same from one country to other, but maybe this race for the global expansion should care about giving a complete service before expanding further.

This is not the way, even for the dumbest of the questions. :alarm_clock:


Hi Julio.

I personally apologise for this negative experience. I definitely agree this is not the right way, neither the services we would like to provide to our users.

I’ll carefully review your chat history and get in touch with all the involved agents, and rest assured we’ll take your feedback onboard, and improve our services.

Regarding insurance, it will be available to all supported countries in the next couple of weeks.

At this point, I would like to take the opportunity to say a thank you to you for your time and your valuable hep to our community.

Best wishes,

Andreas K.


Just had the luck to get a Galaxy S8 for €140😍
My favorite insurer is willing to make a policy for it in the first 16 days after the purchase, not after that, and I wanted to compare with :r:… Any news? :slight_smile:


Keep your eyes peeled for an update this week :slight_smile: