Clarification on your new GBP account details

Any thoughts on this email?

Or am I the only one?

They have sent an email on Friday (at least in my case) using wrong account (The business one).
So now they are explaining it.

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I welcome the move away from prepaid solutions, the promise of instant transfers (as you would expect in 2019), and not sharing sort-code with tide… but what about direct debits?


I have had the new account details notification, but one that infers I should have received one in error from business, but this is not the case.

I am very confused. Is this legit? Why do I need new account details??? It does not say.

How do I confirm whether this is a real notification?


Edited because I am daft and read “March” instead of “May”, durrrrr.

I’m confused. The e-mail says: your new GBP account details (in the form of a new account number and sort code “04-00-75”) will appear in the app before 22nd May 2019. However, when I go check my account info, my sort code is 23-69-72. Is this still the old one or is this the correct one now?? :thinking:

The code within the APP is actually the old one

the mistake was to notify non-business users. the email was sent by revolut for business and business users do have the new sort code (04-00-75) already, retail (personal) users still have the old (23-69-72).

it is the correct for you as of today, but it will change at some point between today and may 22.

Coming soon apparently. If they added cash deposits and these i think i would actually be able to use Revolut as my only account :thinking:

I just added my business 04-00-75 account to paypal, it was recognised as belonging to MODULR FS LTD :man_facepalming: and the verification transaction came instantly :tada::tada:
The direct debit is apparently confirmed, I’ll try to use it and see if it goes through.

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Direct debits aren’t supported by the sort code! I checked it :expressionless: and I’m incredibly unhappy that it isn’t. I could move everything to Revolut if it were like this :neutral_face:


I just got the notification that my personal :r: account is at 04-00-75 now. I’m still waiting for paypal to actually attempt to debit the purchase I did earlier today. says 04-00-75 supports direct debits, Sort Code Checker: Find, Identify Bank and Validate Sort Code says it doesn’t.

Be good to know whether your PayPal direct debit does get set up correctly.

Re: sort code checking, I always use as they actually own and run the payment network. I would like to think if anyone has up-to-date information, they would!

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The new account does not allow one to transfer to Coinbase to validate as the error message shows “Transfer to Coinbase must use personal account”. Is the old one personal account but the new one not?

I was under the impression that they just sent it from the wrong email account, and that’s what they were apologising for? The rest of the information was correct.

not surprised though.

no direct debits on the new sort code.

At least it is consistent with what support says. :wink:


frustrating but consistent, yes :slight_smile: