Charged twice by revolut


I tried to order a physical card and it has charged me the £5 for the physical card then charged me £10 for an extra card which I didn’t order.

If someone could look into this and cancel the extra card i would be grateful.

In app chat hasn’t been much use.


I had a similar issue. I topped up the minimum £10 an the £5 to order the card but they took £20.


Hi @LegacyConnor

Thank you for your feedback. As I can see a member of our support team has responded & resolved your query :slight_smile:

Hi @villanciko, as I can see you have topped up 20£ (10£ + 10£) and you have been charged 5£ for a card. Your available balance is 15£ at the moment.

However, as I can see your account is still unverified. Please go to the Profile section of the app to find Verification & Limits so you can verify your account.

If you need any help please do not hesitate to contact me directly.


Andreas K.


the same just happened to me.

now trying to contact the online support to see if they can solve it, cancel the 2nd card request and get the 12 euros back.

i reckon the problem was that we first went to request the physical card.
we had no money so we had to top up the account, which takes us to the pop up menu, but the card request was already done, just waiting for the funds.

after the top up, the app take us again to the physical card request. Because we received no information the previous request (before the top up) was already done, we request the card again, resulting in 2 requests


This has happened to me as well :frowning:, it seems I have ordered 2 cards when I only wanted 1 - just want my £5 back

The app says there is a 2 hour wait, I just want to give Revolut a go after hearing great things about the card


This happened to me as well…I need only one card, no extra. Please help to get my money back!