Change Phone number

Hey! I need help with the same issue. New phone and new phone number, so can’t access my account or the live chat.

Hi Larysa,

I have the same problem as Shadar. Could you help me fixing it?

Thank you

Hi, I have a similar problem. I’ve switched countries and numbers and accidentally made a second account because i was logged out somehow. Now I can’t log into my 1st account (with some money in it) because I no longer have that phonenumber.

Hey Larysa, I’m travelling at the moment and I’ve lost my phone with the revolut app. I probably won’t use that number again for a few more months until I get back to the UK. How can I activate the app on a new phone with a new number? Thank you

I also have same problem please help. I have reached out on support but 24 hrs later still no answer. My card also will not work so i am stuck with no cash and no app can someone please change my number and tell me why card not working

Hello I have the same problem, my old number has been deactivated and I need to change it with a new one to access revolut app. Please someone contact me to solve this problem

On the welcome screen, tap the option to change the number :wink:

Hello. I need help with the same issue. New phone and new phone number, so can’t access my account or the live chat.

Hi @j.poskutis. Please make sure your app is updated, and follow the steps on the Welcome screen after tapping “Changed your phone number.”

Hi Larysa, Can you get in touch please? I’ve changed my number recently and cannot access my account any more.


hello. How can i reach you to change my phone number too. i have no acces to the number or to the app…i have lost my phone and i am traveling right now too. please help me to change my number aswell

Hello, i’m trying to get in touch with Customer Service with a similar problem. How can i proceed? It has been over an hour that i’ve been waiting on the chat. My previous phone number is out of date and i don’t have access to it. Unfortunately, i can’t change the number on the app without access to it.

Hello i have had to change my mobile number and cannot now link my existing card to the new number, can someone help?

Hi I also need to change my phone number according to your rules and your app isn’t letting me. Also your in app chat doesn’t work neither does your customer support line

My phone number that I provided when opening my account is no longer active. I cannot authorize the transaction. Please help.

My phone number has changed and I cannot link my new number to the app. No access to my old number. Thanks

I have the same problem, please help.

Hi. I want to change my phone number for authorization. Could someone help me?