Change Phone number

Hello, how i can change phone number without app , and log in with new number? Thank you!.

@Shadar We can update the account number for you! You’ll need to reach out to us on the support chat and we can help.


hello can i reach you to change my phone number.i have no acces to the number or to the app…i have lost my phone and i am traveling right now…please help me to change my number…

I have written you a private message to help!

Hi again, my issue fixed! thank You u guys!.

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I had te same issue. I changed my phone number twice and i haven’t got access to any of them.

Please contact us on support chat so we can update the number for you to an active one!

Sorry but the problem is that i CANT access de APP because I changed the phone number and now, when I set it in the “Hi welcome to Revolut” home page in the app, it starts a new register…
I cant go throw the app and start a support chat.

Support is always available, even if you are logged out of the app. You should be able to access this regardless. I have written you a private message to help!

I was also logged out of the app after an update. Now I can log in anymore as I’m abroad and can’t receive messages with the number I signed in with. Please help.

Hello Revolut

I got the app on my UK mobile number.
I have now bought an Indonesian sim/number so I can get internet where ever.

But I’ve read that peoples account didnt work when they swapped numbers.

Can you help me out please. I don’t want to change my number till I know its OK to do so.

Thank you :blush:

I Have 2 phones and I would like to use the 2 of them to use my revolut account. Is it possible ?

Please see the posts below.

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Ok, thanks every one. Now a second question. I try to change my phone number to be able to have my notification on my new device, but when I enter my new phone number it refuse to make the changes.
Any idea ?

Not sure I get what you’re talking about.

A Revolut account can only be linked to 1 phone number, but it can run on multiple devices.

So if you need to log-in/re-authorise a phone number, the 2-factor authentication method (SMS code to your number.) can only be sent to 1 phone.

Ok @capital,
What I would like to do, is that my new phone number is the “master”, So I try to change it in my profile.
But I have a prompt window which says : " we’re sorry, something has gone wrong. Please try again."
I try it several times but the result is the same. Perhaps I made a mistake when I installed the app…

Sounds odd. Best contact customer support or Revolut’s Twitter/Facebook, to see whether they need to manually change it for you.

I’ll do that !

Hello, can please someone advice how to change phone number without the app - It happened that I have both a new phone and a new phone number

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How can i contact you to change my phone number? My phone has broken so can’t access the number?