Change country of residence

I used to live in UK where I got my Revolut account and was very pleased with the service. Then I moved to Hong Kong but still willing to use Revolut here. The problem arises when I updated my personal details including new address in my bank. Revolut does not allow you to change the country of residence which leads to top up rejections with my bank card due to address verification failure. Now I have to use either bank transfer or Android pay which is not very convenient for me, especially when it’s urgent or I need to top up more than £500. Is there any plan to add the possibility to update users address including his country for those who left UK for good but still in love with Revolut?

Do you still have a legal residence (registration) in the UK? If not you might have to close your account I am afraid. Revolut is only available to people with a valid residency in the EEA at the moment (Hong Kong should be on the list in the future too, but isnt right now).