Cashback on Metal Plan

Can anyone tell me if the monthly cashback maximum earning will increase in line with yearly fees. Or even better still if it will be uncapped? Or at least changed to an annual limit where I would probably make the subscription cost back, some months reach limit (+) some months don’t seems a bit hit and miss and encourages me not to use Revolut if limit already reached.

It seems unlikely that anyone can reliably comment on potential changes to Revolut’s fees and T&Cs that have not been announced yet. There’s no indication that Revolut plans to change how cashback on card payments works. Metal was introduced August 2018. The cap was introduced August 2020 if I remember this correctly.


Revolut have announced the changes to fees that’s what prompted the question as monthly cashback was linked to yearly cost previously after they capped the amount you could get. A bad move in my opinion as I for one certainly ‘chased’ cashback by using Revolut more than any other card. Now I just play the game as others do.

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  • Metal is currently €‎13.99 per month, or €‎135 per year. From 03/10/2023, Metal will cost €‎16.99 per month, or €‎165 per year
  • The pricing changes will be reflected in your next billing cycle, 11/09/2024

You might want to contact support and ask them to clarify contradictory wording on their FAQ page. The cap was always based on the monthly fee, as far as I remember.