Cash deposit at convenience stores in Japan

Hello @SG.Mandal,

I’ve encountered a new challenge in Japan that might offer a suggestion. Could you please create a new topic?

“It will be convenient if we could deposit Japanese yen (cash) at any time, using convenience stores in Japan. We can find them at any street corner or small town. Plus, sidestep the hassle of carrying leftover yen post-trip or dealing with refunds/changes/repayments!”

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Welcome back to our community @andersoncarlosfs :wave:. I have created a new topic regarding your idea. Stay Tuned. :rocket:

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Thank you for your support!

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Thinking outside the box here -
what if you were to use Transfers > New > New Transfer >
then select one of the following option:

  • Create payment Link - Request Money (from a card or Revolut account)

with the convenience store after you’ve handed over the loose change?
Would that already existing feature satisfy the requirement perhaps?

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Your suggestion could work in Europe. However, Revolut’s presence is not strong in Japan, and several shops do not accept cashless payments or may add a transaction fee (minimum 5%) for credit cards. Besides, the local economy still relies on coins and banknotes. In addition, several financial services depend on convenience stores for payment, transfer, deposit, and withdrawal.

In summary, if you are in Japan, you need cash!

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Well revolut is also present in Japan, so they could try to do a deal with some convenience store chain to allow cash deposit.

Maybe showing some QR code specific for the Japanese account and depositing on the store :man_shrugging:t2:

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Hello @Eudes,

I am suggesting this because several companies use convenience stores to process some transactions. Indeed, most of the time, we just need to show a QR code… Well, let’s see if things will change this year!

PS: Yeah, I also want PIX in Brazil! +P


Are you in Japan?

If so, can you tell me if the revolut card (is Visa or MasterCard there?) is working for recharging Suica/Pasmo on apple wallet thru Apple Pay?

Until some time ago wasn’t working for some foreign Visa cards, but I saw Kanjo saying it was fixed on iOS 17.2

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Well (yes), I could use a Revolut Card (physical and virtual card with Apple Pay) to recharge different IC Cards (virtual travel card on Apple Wallet included, for instance Suica and Pasmo). However, I did not test tap to ride in Fukuoka (direct credit/debit card contactless payment on the ticket gate).

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