Cash back in the USA

One work around the ATM thing is to ask Walmart or other stores for cash back. Or at least, I was told this by locals I was talking to. I had a go at a few places with small purchases and the ‘normal’ option of do you want cash back didn’t appear. The sales assistant was very surprised by this. Anyone else have this experience / idea to the cause?

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Cash bank only works with domestic US issued debit cards

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That realy sucks as the Advise with using Cash Back was advised in other Threads too

Any shops that do cash back through the till? Like some tescos or Sainsbury’s do in the UK - you ask the cashier or doesn’t come as an option on the card machine.

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I’ve just read that any debit card with a pin like Revolut qualifies for cashback in places like Walmart.

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You can get cashback from any US debit card ( need to be issued by an US Bank, such as BoA, Chase…). International cards (Revolut) , debit and credit (Visa, MC, ) are not eligible for cashback and you need to go to an ATM.

If you need cash, do it with your Revolut since you have 200 bucks of free withdrawal.

Hope that clarifies things.

when it will be possible to make withdrawals in Shop? cash back on purchases when? mastercard offers this service “cash back”