"card number not supported by the system" error message


Hi, I’m new to Revolut and off to a shaky start… tried to make my first online purchase today and the website rejected the card number saying it was “not supported by the system”. What on earth does that mean? 2+ hrs refreshing my phone so I can chat to an agent through the app (why can’t we chat on a computer?) and I’ve not had any response yet and am starting to question ever signing up for this thing.

Has anyone else experienced problems buying items online? Or can explain what this error message is? Is this likley to be a recurring problem with my Revolut card?



If that website sells online with 3D secure mandatory, then it won’t work…


Thanks Iskender - is 3D secure like Verified by Visa and the like? So essentially the Revolut card doesn’t work on any online sites that have Verified by Visa (which seems to be most these days!)


Not so. Verified by visa means the website is secure and verified.

3D secure is a 2 factor Authenticator for payments… you know when you pay, receive a SMS with a code and you need that to proceed the payment.

Well. Revolut does not support yet this and there are a few websites (not many) which requires this as mandatory so if the card doesn’t has it, can’t be used…


Oh ok, then that doesn’t sound like it’s the cause of the problem. I ended up paying with another card and didn’t have to enter any sms codes.


Thanks for your help though!


So just to update, in case anyone else has this problem, have finally got through to an agent on the app’s chat feature and they have confirmed that my problem is related to Revolut’s non-compatibility with 3DS Secure, and that Verified by Visa/Mastercard Secure Code are forms of 3DS Secure.

Which seems to be a significant limitation on the card’s usability, given how prevalent those security measures are these days for online purchases. So if you’re wanting this card to help you get around bank charges for online purchases in other currencies (one of the reasons I got this card) then it’s probably not right for you! And it’s something that should really be mentioned in the FAQs so people can make informed decisions…


A SMS code must be very specific to your bank, I have never even heard of it. With one other bank I use I have to enter a second password, the other requires nothing. Neither have ever failed. :r: does occasionally fail as does another pre-paid card I have used.


That second password you need to enter may well be the 3-D Secure system; the ‘Verified by Visa’ and ‘MasterCard SecureCode’ system are based upon it, as are a few others.


The two factors system can vary from bank to bank: sms code, code from app, regular password, entering bank account number (which is plain stupid in the UK as that number is often written on the card…), a friend of mine even has some funny calculator generating the code to type in.

I wish Revolut could support this, that’d be great :slight_smile: