Card not received

I ordered my revolut card on April 24th and should received it on May 6th. In the app, I have now a button called “Activate card”, but I didn’t received my card. I need urgently. How can we track the delivery?
Thanks for your help

Hello, i have the same issue. I ordered a card 3 weeks ago and still not receive it. It should have been delivered in Paris

Hi, I exactly got the same problem, I ordered a card 2 weeks ago, i used to receive it thursday 14th of september and I have still receive nothing. On the app its written “activate your card”. What can I do ?


I ordered my card on 11th of March and I haven’t received it(it was supposed to reach my address on 21st). I haven’t got any tracking number so I don’t know if it’s on its way or if it’s lost. Can you please help me with this?
Thank you

Have you tried to contact the in-app support? Type live agent to talk to real person.