Card not arrived - Confusing support responses


Ordered my Revolut Card. Estimated delivery date was the 22nd. Not received any tracking number as of such so have contacted the Facebook page to see if I could get any info.

Quick response however the staff member responded saying:
“Please accept my apologies for the delay. I can terminate this card and refund the 12 GBP shipping costs.”

Now why would I want to do that? I’m asking where it is not for a refund or cancellation. Upon mentioning this I received:
“I can see there’s been a delay in shipping, therefore I can offer a refund and you can order a new card.”

That doesn’t seem like much of a resolution to me. Even hearing a delay was occurring well fine I can wait… I was looking for some estimation possibly? Not to be refunded to order the exact same thing and possibly extend my wait time.

So now I’m rather confused to whether my card why my card is/was delayed, if it was cancelled and if I need to order another one. More confused than I was before the chat. Hopefully I just receive my card soon without having to reorder.

Update: Card still on way. Been given a stretched deadline date up to the 27th.