Card declined in the UK two months ago, payment taken from Brasil today


Has anyone else ever had a payment taken off their Revolut two months after it was declined? I had my card declined back in December in a Tesco in Shoreditch, today a payment was taken off but with the transaction stating “Tesco Shorditch” (please note the misspelling and never before has the shop location been named in the App). When I look in the map it’s showing somewhere in Brasil - how accurate are these maps?

Also, my card was declined so I used an alternative payment method that day so why would Tesco charge me two months later?

I’ve asked Revolut if they can confirm if my card was used in Brazil today and they said they did not know. I have also asked if I can have a new card before I go to traveling this weekend but the chat assistant went offline at 16:57 with no answer :frowning:


Hi there.

As I can see that the payment of -1.70 GBP didn’t take place in Brazil but in the UK. Please ignore if the app shows the Brazilian flag next to the transaction.

I can confirm that this payment was made in the UK.



Thank you for getting back to me so quickly.

Unfortunately HSBC confirmed this morning my cards have been cloned and used in Brazil. They believe it’s the Tesco POS which was breached (this is why the app was showing it as a different name and location).

Still disappointed in the service from revolut, I have said multiple times i am going travelling at the weekend :frowning: yesterday I asked how do I get a card express delivery and your agent simply went offline.


How HSBC can confirm if your Revolut card has been cloned or not? This sounds strange.


Hi - my HSBC card was cloned yesterday and used in Brazil.

What is strange is my revolut app shows my card being used yesterday when it was not used.

What is strange is the app first showed the transaction occurring in Brazil.

What is strange is that the name of the transaction is similar but different to the tescos I usually shop at (the mispelling of shoreditch rings alarm bells)

What is strange is that I have questioned this transaction multiple times and Revolut don’t care for my security concern and when I ask to get a new card I get no response?


Ok thanks for your clarifications. However, the transaction you’re disputing was made in the UK. Also, I don’t think that a cloned card would only be used for one single transaction and for such a small amount.