Card declined in Austria

The card is already linked to account, EUR account activated, profile verified, Card Security all enabled. But all card transactions (PIN / Contactless) declined. Support (Real person agent) looked at it and suggested me to withdrawal from ATM, also declined.

Updates: Just in local UK ATM try to withdraw again, also declined without a reason. My friends are using Revolut beautifully while I’m frustrated and never have it works even once. Can’t say I’m a satisfied user.

Btw Chatbot Rita is no longer talking to me. That’s why I’m here. lol

Hey @mikechancs :slight_smile:

Just to know, did you try freezing and unfreezing the card? This sounds weird, can the card be defective? :confused:

Yes I did freeze & unfreeze as well but no luck. I suspect the card is defective as well, but the error message of being rejected is “Please use chip and PIN whenever they are available”, when I was actually using chip and PIN already.

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Post your security settings as a screenshot, trying using contactless at SPAR as it always works and should show up in :r: history as SPAR or SPAR Dankt

Feel free to DM with Austrian problems as I’m currently living in Austria and use Revolution alot

Hey Quexity, I am in Austria too, is having a Revolut Account better than having a local Bank Account ? (Bank Austria for eg.). I was planning to open a salary account where my university could transfer my salary, and also for hassle free transactions anywhere. Also have there been any issues/failures while making payments in your experience ?


Everything is great but any offline transaction will fail and sometimes the payment processor goes down, some merchants straight out wont take prepaid (For example Uber account made in Austria) but I’ve always kept my Maestro from Bank Austria card handy. My main reason for opening a Revolut account was that my Maestro card didn’t work at online merchants (e.g Uber Romania)

I suggest keeping a secondary bank account if you need truly hassle-free but for the most part :r: is great!

Maybe keep a backup N26 account?

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You should always have a backup account. As long as Revolut is not officially a Bank, I would use, in your case, Bank of Austria for eg. as my main account and use Revolut as a second account. Never put all your eggs in the same basket :wink:

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