Can't type a period/or a comma when sending a bank transfer.

I think the title is self-explanatory, the period button has vanished (most likely) since I updated the app.

Here’s a picture.

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Hi there!

Thank you for your feedback. Are you on an Android?

Yup, Android on a Samsung’s phone.

Hi there.

I had the same problem with comma in Revolut app when you use language other then English in your phone (Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge). I found a solution working for me, so I don’t need to copy/paste comma or change phone language everytime I want to top-up or transfer money.

I’ve changed my default Samsung keyboard to GBoard or Swype. Now everything works fine! I know it’s dificult at the beggining to use to it to new keyboard, but that solves problem. I hope maybe that will help someone.

Have a nice day!

Having the same problem today… Samsung A5 with Samsung Keyboard. I don’t understand why I should change to Gboard, it just bloats my system… :frowning:

Any news on this? Looking at a smilar thread in the bugs section it seems to be a common problem for samsung android users…

So I installed Gboard: nothing
Reinstalled Revolut app: now its working only with Gboard. But I managed to get a transfer out. Strange Revolut doesn’t test their app with one of the largest players.

This issue has been resolved on the latest version of the app 5.6v

@AndreasK it is not resolved. No matter what keyboard i use no comma no dots. Used to work fine until an update a few months back. Threads about this are everywhere i’ve tried every workaround and nothing works. Not copying, not changing language nor trying a few different keyboard. Samsung S10+ here. My app is up to date i can’t make transaction in BTC for the last 5 months because of this. It’s the only app where it doesn’t work so no it’s not Android or IOS it’s the app. That commas or dot wouldn’t work in a financial app is simply incomprehensible. Please implement a fix that actually works for everyone no matter what phone or keyboard they use.

I don’t understand how Revolut provide a financial application with comma or dot not working on Android Samsung smartphone if it is configured with French or Swiss French keyboard.